What You Need To Know About the Botox Cosmetic Procedure


Are you planning to get Botox from your cosmetic surgeon? Read first everything that you need to know about this cosmetic procedure.

What is Botox?

Botox has been the newest craze in cosmetic procedures since nose jobs and bust lifts. In fact, 1.6 million Americans got “botoxed” in 2001, at a time where the US Food and Drug Administration gave the go-signal for the procedure – which was not even advertised to the general public. This was called an off-label use for a drug; in Botox’s case, it was originally used to calm twitchy eye muscles but was then discovered to considerably reduce wrinkles. Expectedly, when the US FDA approved the use of Botox for the general public in 2002, more and more people trooped to cosmetic surgeons; in fact, the craze spilled over to Asia, where the more affluent could also use Botox to look younger.

What exactly is Botox and what can it do? Botox is actually short for “botulism toxin”, the same pathogen found in cases of fatal food poisoning. It sounds quite scary; however, in minute quantities, this toxin could interrupt nerve impulses to certain facial muscles. In the cosmetic procedure, certain areas of the face that have wrinkles are shot with the toxin. With no nerve impulses to cause tension among these facial muscles, they straighten out – leading to a less wrinkled appearance.

Known Side Effects of Botox

Fortunately, Botox is a relatively safe procedure, with serious side effects like allergic reactions are uncommon. Slip-ups normally cause minor inconvenience like not being able to raise one’s eyebrows all the way, or drooling. Even perfectly executed procedures have their effects. As one seeks to eliminate wrinkles, one may not be able to squint or raise eyebrows. The good news though is, the effects of Botox are temporary; a treatment could be effective up to six months. Botox is not also effective for all kinds of wrinkles. Botox cannot remove wrinkles that are caused by the aging process, smoking, or sun exposure.

With this information, it is always up to the individual to seek this kind of treatment. If one doesn’t mind getting injected with some poison to clear wrinkles – well, go ahead.

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