Dealing with Back Acne


There are some people who do not experience having acne on the face, but have acne on the back. This type of acne is often more difficult to cure than those which grow on the face because of the composition of the back, which is more oily than the face as a result of many sebaceous glands therein. As the back is composed of tougher skin, oftentimes it also acquires various nodules and cysts, which make the case a more difficult one to treat. Thus, the usual treatments used for facial acne are commonly not effective for back acne, and a more rigorous treatment and regimen is necessary.

In order to treat back acne, the skin will have to be kept clean. This can be done using a mild cleanser which can remove the oils in the back. This way, the pores of the skin will not be clogged by dirt and oil which result in acne.

Aside from this, applying certain chemicals which are used to cure pimples on the face can also do a lot of good. As a matter of fact, as the back is made up of tougher or thicker skin than facial skin, it can tolerate a stronger concentration of these chemicals which can cause faster or more effective treatment. Common products which may be used are glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acids and benzoyl peroxide. These substances can be used separately or in combinations, depending on the desired effect. These chemicals should only be applied onto the skin on the back after cleaning the surface and patting it dry.

Once treatment has begun, it is best to avoid exposing the skin on the back to irritants. Thus, it has to be kept clean and dry. In addition, it would be best to avoid wearing clothes made of fabric which cling to the skin and which will cause too much perspiration. It would be better to wear clothes made of cotton or lycra which will allow the skin to breathe. Moreover, as benzoyl peroxide contains bleaching ingredients, it is wise to wear white clothes to avoid bleaching the fabric. In addition, it would also be nice to steer clear from knapsacks or backpacks for a while, so as to avoid causing friction on the back caused by the constant rubbing of the bag on the skin. Such friction is bond to cause irritation to the skin which will surely result in acne.

One final note: it is best to consult a dermatologist first before starting any treatment to make sure that the preferred treatment is best for the type of skin and the condition of the acne.

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